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With the variety and quality of the riding available in the Tweed Valley it makes sense to try and get the best out of it while visiting the area. It might be an insight into some of the secret trails at Glentress or an introduction to some of the epic and largely unknown natural trails locally, or even some local knowledge on the best downhill trails. Guiding lets a rider get the best out of the trails, the forests and the area.

We are fantastically lucky to have several excellent companies offering guiding in the Tweed Valley. It doesn’t cost a lot and can be tailored to the rider or the group.


But I can ride a bike! It's a common statement when you ask someone if they've thought about getting some mountain biking tuition.

Get the best out of your off road adventures. Novices can get to grips with core techniques to help when tackling off road terrain. Or for experienced riders, techniques to ride more technical trail features. Mountain bike tuition will ensure you will ride faster and in more control and give you the confidence to really own that trail.

Mountain biking is similar to skiing. You wouldn't throw yourself down a hill on a pair of skies without a lesson or two from a friend or an instructor! Even just a few hours of tuition will ensure you will ride in control, keep your speed in corners, or handle drop offs and rock steps with style and confidence.

Here in the Tweed Valley we have some of the best companies in the UK (or the world for that matter) who can provide tuition for any type or age of rider. They offer a multitude of experience and knowledge and no matter if you are just learning to ride a bike or want to shave a few seconds from your race time, they can point you in the right direction.

Take a look at RIDELINES, Dirt School and GO-WHERE



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