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One of the great things about mountain biking is that the whole family can take part. It’s not about riding a red or black run at a trail centre; it’s about getting out in the fresh air, getting some exercise and above all having fun.

Away from Glentress, there are lots of parks and open spaces for family rides, while the opening of the new Tweed Valley Railway Path provides a safe and easy way for families to ride and explore the valley. 

For families and beginners wanting something extra, Glentress is the place to go. There is no age limit and nobody looking over your shoulder. If you have young children who are just starting to ride a bike then drive up to the Buzzard's Nest car park and try out the skills area or the green trail. There are toilets and picnic tables available and non-bikers can watch the coming and goings on the freeride areas.

Both the green run and the skills area are excellent for beginners, they are not too far from the car park and don’t take too much effort to get to. The skills area offers a sample of different features with handy markers showing you how to ride them. There are seats and space to explore whilst it is not too big that you won’t lose sight of the kids.

The green run has gentle gradients and a wide trail. Kids and beginners can take their time and get used to the twists and turns of a mountain bike trail in relative safety. If you have a trailer or a tag-a-long, again this is a good trail to start on.

If the biking has gone well and something more challenging is required then there are trails such as Blue Velvet, Electric Blue and Good Game to take you back to the facilities at the bottom of the hill. 

Kids & Beginners

There is no age limit at the trail centres, although it is highly recommended that an adult accompany younger children. Helmets should be worn, take a map and know the trail grades. Trailers, tag-a-longs and child seats are all regularly seen at Glentress. 

Kids bikes (including helmets) can be hired from Alpine Bikes and a whole host of clothing and accessories are available at all the bike shops (it can be an expensive business!)

Unfortunately The Tweed Valley does not yet have childcare or crèche.


It’s not un-common to see dogs out on the trail with their owners. It certainly causes a bit of discussion among riders. The time of day, how busy it is and where you are riding all play a part in whether it is a good or bad idea to take a dog with you on the trails.

On weekends, Glentress can be very busy and unless a dog is very well-behaved, trained and will stay close to their owner we would not recommend taking a dog out on the trails. It has been known for dogs to run across a trail, just in front of riders ... an accident waiting to happen. However, if the trails are quiet and the dog is well-behaved then we don’t think anybody would have any objections.

Note: As well as the mountain bike trails, there are horse riding and walking paths at Glentress. Please remember that the forest is for everyone.


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