Paddling the Tweed

  • Setting off
  • Encouragement from the boat
  • Man and river in perfect sync ...
  • The 'support' crew
  • A fine way to spend a sunny Sunday
  • The intrepid swimmer (brrr)


So, it won’t have escaped anyone’s notice that the Tweed Valley has got a ruddy great river flowing through it. And very beautiful it is too, particularly in the more wooded sections. The Tweed is of course one of the world’s great salmon rivers, but it’s also a fine stretch of water for paddling. We see all manner of craft completing sections of the Tweed, so last Sunday we thought it was high time to also give it a shot … 'we' being a mini-flotilla of sit-on-top kayak and inflatable packraft with three adults, a five-year-old, four-year-old and a puppy. A perfect mix for a day on the river! The main reason was to support a friend who has set himself the considerable challenge of swimming the Tweed from source to sea (a distance of 97 miles), although really it was just an excuse to enjoy a lovely stretch of water between Walkerburn and Selkirk. Don’t tell our man in neoprene, but at times we were having so much fun that we rather neglected our role as support craft … oops. Enjoy the pics! 


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